Wayra II advances, ready to install its 30 wind turbines

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Date: October 31

The extension of Enel’s Wayra complex in Peru continues to advance. CJR, the company that is building the park, has reported that the 30 fixings of the wind turbines are ready.

Construction of the Wayra Extension, or Wayra II, began in the first quarter of 2022. It will consist of 30 Nordex turbines of 5.9 MW each and will occupy an area of ​​approximately 2,443 hectares.

Zero accidents

CJR Renewables has completed the last concreting of the 30 foundations of the Wayra II project (177 MW) and announced it with a video through its LinkedIn profile. For Fernando Hurtado Díaz, Project Manager, “This is a very important achievement both for the Wayra II project and for our company, since it is the result of hard work. All areas contributed their experience and dedication to complete the concreting of 30 foundations in half the time. Each of the members of this excellent team did their bit not only to complete this milestone in record time, but also to have met it with ZERO accidents, this being the first of many goals that we are achieving in the project.”

For Alexander Hurtado Díaz, Construction Manager, “The exceptional performance of all those involved had a great impact on the project, allowing us to strengthen ourselves as a team and as individuals. Thanks to the hard work, commitment and responsibility of the human capital that has participated, the goals with zero accidents were achieved, which reaffirms our commitment to the safety of the CJR family. There is still a lot of work to do. We will continue working to achieve new goals together as a team.”

​The Wayra wind complex, located in the Peruvian district of Marcona, in the province of Nasca, Ica, is approximately 480 km from the city of Lima, near the South Pan-American highway.

Source: Infoenergetica

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