The Largest Solar Park In Córdoba Was Inaugurated

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Date: October 18

It was developed by the leading company in the sector, Harz Energy, and will be able to supply clean energy to the towns of Cura Brochero and Mina Clavero. It has 90,000 installed panels and a power of more than 25 Megawatts.

Harz Energy, part of the Neuss Group, a family company with more than 130 years of experience carrying out ventures in our country, in a strategic partnership with the Molin Energy Group and China National Building Materials, inaugurated the Cura Brochero Solar Park before local, provincial and national authorities. the largest of its kind in the entire territory of the Province of Córdoba.

The clean electrical energy transformed in the Plant will be injected into the 66kV power line of the Provincial Interconnected System owned by EPEC to then supply Cura Brochero and Mina Clavero.

The insertion into the Provincial Interconnected System will bring as benefits to the area of ​​influence a greater electrical power made available, and with this greater possibilities of industrial, commercial, tourist, real estate development, etc.

At the same time, in the coming months the Solar Park of Villa María de Rio Seco will be inaugurated.

Both required a total investment of 78 million dollars, with more than 60% of the national component committed, which directly and indirectly generated more than 400 jobs, both local and national.

Once operational, they will allow the injection of more than 128,000 MWh of electrical energy per year, enough to supply more than 200,000 inhabitants.

Being a renewable source with no emissions, both complexes together would imply a reduction in emissions of 50,000 tons of CO2 and a saving of more than 30 million liters of gas oil for thermal generation with an associated cost of fuel and maintenance in the millions. dollars a year for the country.

Both parks arise in 2018, from a strategic alliance between Harz Energy with the Molin Energy Group and China National Building Materials to develop 500Mw of renewable energy in Argentina.

Source: EconoJournal

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