Solar Projects For 330 MW Are In Process In Peru

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Date: October 26

Peru’s energy ministry has awarded Santa Isabel Solar a temporary concession for a 200MW solar project in southern Tacna region, which borders Chile.

The company submitted the application for the Santa Isabel park in June and now has 24 months to carry out feasibility studies in the Sama district and province, according to a ministerial resolution.

The temporary concession, which can be extended only once for up to one year, allows the use of public property and gives the right to obtain temporary rights of way. The concessionaire will also have preferential rights to request the definitive concession.

If the company does not carry out the studies within the allotted period, the ministry will collect the project deposit.

The ministry also approved a request from Naupac Generación Renovable Perú to assess the terms of reference for preparing the environmental impact statement on the 130MW Kuarachi solar project.

The plant would be built in the districts of San Juan Bautista and Belén in Maynas province, in the Loreto Amazon region.

Kuarachi would include a 160MWh battery energy storage system and would be connected to the operating Santa Rosa substation through a 19.8km transmission line.

Source: Peru Energy

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