Peruvian Government Will Allocate Up To 100 Million Soles To Leverage Electric Vehicles

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Date: October 18

Peru Energy 2022 “Building the roadmap for a sustainable and inclusive energy transition” began, an event organized by Prensa Grupo and which has been taking place this October 17 and 18 at the San Isidro Country Club. In its tenth edition, the meeting brings together the most important players in the electricity industry, Oil & Gas and the State, who will analyze the challenges and opportunities of the energy transition.

The person in charge of initiating the cycle of conferences was José Martín Dávila, Vice Minister of Electricity of the Ministry of Energy and Mines. The official was in charge of the presentation Vision of the Government for the electricity sector, in which he analyzed the progress that the electricity sector has been making, as well as the changes that are required in management and regulations to be able to supply energy to the entire population.

The deputy minister stressed the need to give greater impetus to electric mobility. The change in the energy matrix has focused on the issue of gas, however, it is also necessary to give importance to electric vehicles and soon to hydrogen, which must be included in the change in the energy matrix.

For this, up to 100 million soles will be allocated for the leverage of electric vehicles, in addition to removing tariffs and giving incentives for the purchase of vehicles so that they complement the change of matrix and contribute to the reduction of costs for the user.

On the other hand, Dávila stressed that the State has to give the appropriate signals to develop electricity projects since we have a 20MW deficit in power generation. It is not possible for permits to take 4 or 5 years, since they scare away investors.

In this sense, he mentioned that this October 27, the contract for the construction of a transmission line with an approximate length of 83 km between the Reque Substation and the Nueva Carhuaquero Substation and the expansion of the capacity of the Nueva Tumbes Substation must be signed. 220 kV, with an investment of more than 37 million dollars.

In addition, the scope of the K’anchariy Peru Bill: Ilumina Peru Law was announced, whose objective is to promote the access of the vulnerable population to public electricity service in Marginal Urban Zones, through the financing of electrification works. and electrical connections.

Finally, Martín Dávila invoked the need for the existence of a court in electricity or energy. This is because since the technical report for a project comes out, usually nothing is changed, so there must be a court so that all parties are heard and a second look is included that includes all the actors and they see each other. all benefited.

Source: Peru Energy

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