PERU: Electricity Generation Capacity Will Increase by Almost 700Mw This Year.

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Date: January 18

The COES network projects that Peru’s power generation park will increase by 690MW this year.

The increase will be led by what will be the largest wind farm in the country: Punta Lomitas, which includes an initial plant of 260MW and an expansion of 36.4MW.

The extra capacity will come from a 177MW expansion at the 133MW Wayra wind farm, the 115MW Clemesí solar park and a 102MW thermal plant at the Talara oil refinery.

At the end of December, installed capacity reached 13,420MW, of which 55% was thermal (mainly natural gas), 39% hydro, 3% wind and 2% solar. Peak load demand last month was up 4% year-on-year to 7,468MW.

Last year, new capacity came from a 115MW expansion at the Las Flores thermoelectric plant, while commercial operations of the 10MW G1 unit of the Patapo hydroelectric plant and the 141MW TV1 unit of the thermoelectric Ilo 2.

Although the country enjoys a healthy reserve margin, the incorporation of efficient generation is encouraged to avoid having to resort to inefficient diesel production to meet demand, particularly that related to the latent consumption of mining projects.

Source: Peru Energía 2022

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