New Chilean Solar Park, With 248 MWp And Energy Storage, Will Supply 6 Indigenous Communities

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Date: November 25

The 248 MWp Parina Solar Photovoltaic Park, which includes battery storage technology, entered the Environmental Impact Assessment System (SEIA) of the Antofagasta Region, in Chile. The park, owned by Statkraft, will be located about 20 km southeast of the Calama commune, in the province of El Loa and will use an area of ​​approximately 272 hectares and includes a 22.8 km electrical transmission line that will connect with the Calama Substation.

The company implemented an early engagement plan in the area, specifically in the 6 indigenous communities and social organizations in the Tucnar Huasi, Huaytiquina, Yalquincha and Chiu Chiu sectors in Calama, in the Antofagasta region. The objective of this was to make all the information related to this initiative available to residents, in addition to resolving doubts about this type of renewable generation technology.

The relationship plan began in January of this year and involved informative meetings and visits to the land where the solar project is planned to be built, instances in which a participatory tour guided by archaeologists and other professionals was carried out, with the purpose that the representatives of indigenous communities resolve their doubts and learn more details about the method of construction and operation of these parks.

“We seek to promote and support the transition of companies to cleaner production systems, using renewable energy such as the one that Parina Solar will provide. The development of these projects must consider the early relationship in the territories where they will be operated and that is what we are promoting in these actions,” said María Teresa González, CEO of Statkraft Chile, in a statement.

The initiative contemplates an investment of 248 million dollars and is expected to start its commercial operation in 2025. The project is part of the portfolio of initiatives that the company has in the northern zone of Chile, in addition to other renewable projects under construction in the area central and southern parts of the country, which together exceed 1,700 MW of installed power.

Source: Review Energy

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