Milestone: Solar and Wind Energy Surpass Coal for Electricity Generation in Chile for the First Time

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Date: November 4

12 months, this 2022, 29% of the generation has come from solar and wind sources, over the 27% that has been produced based on coal

On the afternoon of Wednesday, October 26, the Chilean Government reported an unprecedented milestone in terms of electricity generation based on solar and wind energy. Specifically, it was reported that these, together, surpassed coal for the first time.

It was the Minister of Energy, Diego Pardow, who published regarding the national milestone in “green” matters. For the first time in Chile, solar and wind power surpassed coal in generating electricity in a 12-month period,” he wrote. “An achievement of all those who work to promote cleaner energy,” he added.

The minister posted an infographic based on data from the National Electrical Coordinator (CEN) and the National Energy Commission.

Based on these institutions, after 12 months, 29% of the annual generation in Chile has come from solar and wind energy sources. Meanwhile, 27% of the total has been produced using coal.

Until September 2022, the CEN estimates the annual generation in Chile at 62,429.8 GWh, of which 20,014.8 GWh was obtained from non-conventional renewable energies.

Source: Bio Bio Chile

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