Items That Help Save Energy In Your Home

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Date: October 26

The home is one of the spaces where electricity is consumed the most, either for lighting or the use of electrical appliances, which causes an increase in monthly bills, as well as permanent damage to the environment.

For these reasons, Kiara Carrillo, head of Sustainability at Promart, explains that, for responsible energy management at home, it is important to adopt good habits such as turning off the lights or handling appliances correctly.

Likewise, she tells us that to implement an energy efficient home, it is advisable to complement our good practices with the use of products that help reduce the carbon footprint and optimize energy consumption.

For this reason, within the framework of World Energy Saving Day (October 21), we present five items that you can use at home to help care for the environment and, incidentally, reduce the amount of your utility bill:

  1. LED lights
    This technology allows energy savings of over 80%, compared to the one that uses traditional halogen lights, delivering more and better quality of light. Plus, they last eight times longer than incandescent bulbs and twice as long as energy-saving bulbs.
  2. Presence detector
    Makes the light turn on when detecting a moving body. They are very useful in places of passage or where you walk with your hands full, such as corridors, the kitchen or the garage. This will help prevent lights from being left on.
  3. Timer for sockets
    By using this item throughout the house, you can forget about keeping an eye on appliances that were left plugged in. The Timer is a small device that opens and closes an electrical circuit automatically and for a certain time.
    In this way, you will be able to have greater control and program the switching on and off of different devices in a simple way.
  4. Ceiling fans
    These fans are the ones that consume less energy compared to air conditioning. While helping to reduce the sensation of heat, they will provide lighting to the home, which means that a single product consumes energy and provides two benefits in one.
  5. Electric meter
    It helps to know the energy consumption that each home has during the day, so that electricity consumption habits can be analyzed and the actions that can record the greatest savings can be identified.

Source: Peru Energy

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