Green Light for a 220 MW Battery Storage System in Germany

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Date: November 7

The RWE company will invest for a 220 MW battery storage project in Germany. A total of 690 lithium-ion battery blocks will be installed at the RWE power plant sites in Neurath and Hamm in North Rhine-Westphalia. The total investment amounts to about 140 million euros. Subject to pending planning permission, construction is scheduled to begin in 2023 and commissioning in 2024.

The new system is designed to react in a matter of seconds, supplying the necessary power for more than an hour. This allows the system to contribute to efficient grid stabilization with reliable power supply.

The unique feature of the system is that the new battery is virtually connected to RWE’s German power plants. This allows for optimal management in terms of which unit efficiently provides the balance power, either individually or as a group, and when.

RWE plans to carry out this storage project in existing power plants to maximize the synergy effects between the different technologies. Batteries can be installed in areas that are already available, using existing grid infrastructure to inject and extract power.

In Neurath, batteries with a total capacity of 80 MW will be installed on an area of around 7,000 m², which is equivalent to a football field. And in Hamm, at the Westfalen power station, batteries with a total capacity of 140 MW will be installed on an area of 14,000 m². The company plans to use brand new lithium-ion batteries that are installed in cabinet form and delivered as prefabricated modules.

“This investment decision paves the way for a future project that will set new standards in terms of size as well as smart grid. Our new battery storage system will optimize the utilization of our fleet of German power plants, and together they will provide balance energy,” said Roger Miesen, CEO of RWE Generation.

Source: Energy Review

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