Europe Wants To Make Solar Power Mandatory In All New Buildings From 2030

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Date: November 3

Europe takes the first step to make solar energy mandatory in all new buildings. The European Commission has approved a proposal, which is now beginning, so that from 2030 all newly built buildings incorporate photovoltaic panels to function 100% with clean energy. The new standards will materialize through an update and revision of the Energy Performance of Buildings Directive (EPBD).

According to the proposal, from 2027 all Administration buildings must be emission-free and two years later, in 2030, this requirement must apply to all newly constructed buildings and homes. However, adaptations are also planned for existing buildings. The goal is for all buildings in the EU to be energy neutral by 2050.

In this way, the aim is to give a new twist to the decarbonisation of homes, and all of this is in line with the global objectives of avoiding a global rise in temperatures above 1.5ºC compared to the pre-industrial era in 2100.

Specifically, from December 31, 2026, every new government building or private office building over 250 square meters must be equipped with photovoltaic panels. Two years later, it will be mandatory to renovate existing office buildings with more than 400m2 to install photovoltaic panels. And, starting in 2030, said panels will be mandatory in each new house that is built.

The new standards for existing buildings provide for their progressive improvement in the field of sustainability. Specifically, the proposal agreed by the EC foresees that 15% of commercial buildings with the worst energy rating will be renovated by 2030, in order to improve their conditions. That percentage should become 25% in the year 2034.

Source: Peru Energy 2022

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