Coldplay And The Sustainable Bet Of Their Concerts

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Date: September 16

“Music of the Spheres”, the tour that Coldplay has just presented in Lima, is based on a sustainable model that aims to reduce carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by 50%, a commitment applauded by its legion of fans and recognized by the Peruvian Ministry of the Environment.

In 2021, the British band said that, over two years, they had been in contact with environmental experts to implement a pioneering ecological model in their show and engage the music industry in the fight against the climate crisis. “Music of the Spheres” has included more than forty recycled BMW i3 car batteries that replace the usual diesel and gasoline generators. They are the first devices in the world to be suitable for second life use, according to the organizers.

The galas also present solar installations, electric bicycles, generators powered by hydrotreated vegetable oil and a rain of biodegradable confetti that showers the attendees under a sky lit with sustainable pyrotechnics, less loaded with harmful chemicals.

For the execution of this ecological model, Coldplay – which travels mainly on commercial flights and pays a surcharge for the use or supply of Sustainable Aviation Fuel (SAF) – worked together with the BMW Group. At every stadium they perform at, the British gang requests aerated taps, low-flush toilets and reduced water pressure to alleviate their waste.

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