Argentina Opens The Door To Joint Work With The United Kingdom For The Development Of Green Hydrogen

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Date: March 21

As part of an invitation from the British embassy, the Secretary of Energy, Flavia Royon, disseminated the potential of Argentina’s energy resources and encouraged investments in order to contribute to the diversification and sustainability of the national matrix.

During her visit, Royon visited the Technology Center of the University of Aberdeen and spoke with the team of researchers specialized in energy transition and hydrocarbons. In this regard, the secretary agreed with the academics on the need to build regulatory frameworks that encourage and at the same time give balance to new forms of energy such as hydrogen. In turn, she also valued the exchange as an opportunity to learn about the initiatives of other countries on the energy transition.

Royon also met with the UK Ambassador to Argentina, Kirsty Hayes, and with Mark Menzies MP. She agreed with them on a joint work agenda for the development of green hydrogen.

According to the secretary, the conference had clear objectives, among which was to present the investment opportunities offered by the country in terms of renewable energy. She and she added: “We also evaluated the issue of the energy transition, in relation to which Argentina can play a strategic role due to its reserves of lithium, copper and other metals.”

Source: Review Energy

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