This Is The Most Ambitious Project For Self-Consumption In Ecuador

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The dollarized economy and the solar potential are the two pillars on which the attractiveness of solar energy in Ecuador is based.

In conversations with Xavier Enrique Ortiz Cabero, CEO of Greenergyec, the details of the most ambitious project in the commercial sector of the country to incorporate 20 MWp of solar energy for self-generation were known.

3 stages to install 20 MWp

This is an initiative of the El Rosado corporation, a holding made up of the most important companies in Ecuador such as the retail sector, among others, and which is advancing in a third stage after carrying out two for the installation of solar panels for self-consumption, such and as recounted by the manager of the company.

“We have been working since 2021 on a project that involves 20 MWp, a first stage of 10 MWp in Guayaquil, of which 7.75 MWp were in my charge in terms of project management,” explains Ortiz. In addition, currently, “a second stage of 12 MWp has been completed, of which we are working on 9.5 MWp and are located in the interior of the country, in 6 or 7 cities. That makes this 20 MWp megaproject the most ambitious in Ecuador for self-consumption here in the country. We don’t know of a benchmark like this, that a corporation wants to incorporate so much capacity, ”he explains. Regarding the estimated completion date, “we hope that by May it will be finished and we can start a third stage.”

A benefit despite having a reduced electricity rate

​Self-generation for the corporation “has greatly reduced operating costs, because despite the fact that Ecuador has a low electricity rate, it is still very attractive to invest in this modality. Production costs are around 3.5 cnt USD/KWh”, explains Ortiz.

Regarding the companies that participate, Ortiz talks about “Chint, which has recently established itself in the country and is in charge of the project.” Another company that has installed self-consumption for El Rosado is Intergia, which implemented a 500 kW solar plant in Guayaquil connected to the grid without accumulation for the El Rosado Distribution Center (in the image), in addition to participating in other projects of the two stages by capacity of about 4 MW approx.

With this megaproject, the CEO is optimistic about the future of the segment in the country; “The idea is to keep taking off. We hope that the legal conditions continue to adapt so that the market can open up to more investments and work with PPAs, for example”

Source: Infoenergética

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