The Attractiveness Of Ecuador Is Confirmed; Bids Presented For 700 MW In The 500 MW Block

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Date: December 13

Large numbers for the Public Selection Process (PPS) of the Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Block (ERNC I) of Ecuador with 500 MW. In a public act, the Technical Selection Commission designated by the MEM proceeded with the opening of envelope number one with the presence of the delegates and representatives of the national and international companies that participate in the PPS. 10 companies from various countries around the world presented their technical offers that accumulate around 700 MW in new energy projects, with wind, photovoltaic and hydroelectric technology.

On the block

​The Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Block is made up of four sub-blocks of different renewable energy technologies (small hydroelectric, photovoltaic, wind and biomass) and seeks to achieve an average annual energy of 2,119 MWh. The projects may be located in different geographic areas of Ecuador and will cover the growth in electricity demand.

$875 million

It should be noted that all the investment required for the ERNC block projects will be assumed by the private sector, whose investment is estimated at USD 875 million; the selection of offers will be made based on the lowest energy price. The structuring of the PPS had the support of the international consultant Deloitte in the technical, legal and financial field, as part of a cooperation granted by the Department of State of the United States of America.

For her part, the Vice Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Enith Carrión, indicated that the National Government reaffirms its public investment policy: “The execution of the Non-Conventional Renewable Energy Block will be framed within the axes of Decree 238, which establishes a new policy for the electricity sector, focused on guaranteeing the future supply of reliable and safe energy to encourage the creation of new investment opportunities”.

​The Minister of Energy, Fernando Santos Alvite, highlighted that these activities are promoted in a transparent manner with the participation of private companies interested in investing in new renewable energies: “According to the guidelines of the president, Guillermo Lasso Mendoza, to the representatives of the companies present, we assure them full transparency in this process,” the authority highlighted.

Source: Infoenergetic

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