Solis: The Third World Giant In Inverter Manufacturing

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Date: July 19

Ginlong (Solis) Technologies, a veteran of inverter manufacturing, has cemented its position as the world’s third largest inverter manufacturer for the second consecutive year. This achievement adds to a series of awards and recognitions that Solis has accumulated in the last 18 months.

The company was recently awarded the “Top Inverter Brand 2023” seal for Belgium by the prestigious global market research organization, EUPD. This recognition was also extended to the Netherlands and South Africa. This is the eighth consecutive year that Solis has been recognized by the EUPD, an achievement based on more than 100,000 interviews conducted in more than 50 countries.

Sandy Woodward, Solis General Manager for Europe and South Africa, reflected on the company’s performance in 2022 and beyond, expressing his satisfaction with the high rank achieved by Solis and the consolidation of its position as the third largest manufacturer of inverters in the world. world. Woodward especially highlighted Solis’ progress during 2022 in the energy storage inverter segment, where the company achieved year-over-year growth of more than 500 percent, accounting for 18 percent of its total operating revenue.

This remarkable growth is first and foremost attributed to the dedicated Solis team of more than 4,500 people on all major continents. However, it is also due to its well-known brand, its strong competitiveness in the channels and its deep commitment to Research and Development (R&D).

In 2022, the company’s investment in R&D increased significantly by 74 percent, reaching a total investment of $45 million. Solis currently has an annual production capacity of 40GW, which is scheduled to double to 80GW by July 2023.

This growth and recognition of Solis in the global inverter market is a testament to its commitment to innovation and quality. With its focus on R&D and dedicated team, Solis is well positioned to remain a market leader in inverters for years to come.

Source: Energía Estratégica

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