Significant Advances in Photovoltaic Projects in Colombia: A Detailed Analysis of the Enel and Trina Projects

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Date: July 19

Colombia is experiencing a boom in renewable energy, with photovoltaic projects totaling 908 MW under development. According to the progress report on generation projects of the electricity sub-directorate as of March 2023, six photovoltaic projects are under construction as a result of the 2021 Colombian auction. These projects are developed by Enel Colombia and Trina Solar, each with Three projects to his credit.

Enel Colombia is developing the Guayepo Solar Park project, located in the municipalities of Ponedera and Sabanalarga in the department of Atlántico. This solar park is assigned Firm Energy Obligations through the Mechanism for Reliability Charge Takers, established in CREG Resolution 132 of 2019 as of December 1, 2023. With a capacity of 400 MW, the Solar Park is expected to Guayepo enters into operation on November 26, 2023.

In addition, Enel Colombia is working on the El Paso Solar project, located in the Department of Cesar. This project has an installed capacity of 86.2 MW and is expected to be connected on November 30. Enel’s third project, La Loma, is also located in the Department of Cesar and has a capacity of 170 MW directly connected to the National Interconnected System (SIN). This project is expected to come into operation on December 31, 2023.

On the other hand, Trina Solar is developing three projects, although their progress does not meet expectations. The Campano project, located in the Municipality of Chinú, Córdoba, has a total installed capacity of 99.9 MW and is expected to come into operation on June 30, 2023. The 99 MW Cartago project would be located in the municipality of Cartago , Valle de Cauca, but by the end of December 2022, only 7.62% of the 58.43% scheduled for the date had been built. Finally, the 90 MW San Felipe project would be located in the rural area near the Armero-Guayabal municipal seat, in the eastern foothills of the central mountain range in the department of Tolima. Although it should have started operations last April, at the end of December it presented an advance of 14.21%, instead of the 58.43% expected for the date.

These projects represent significant progress in the adoption of renewable energy in Colombia. However, they also highlight the challenges that companies face in meeting development deadlines and expectations. Despite these challenges, the growth of photovoltaics in Colombia is a positive step towards a more sustainable energy future.

Source: PV Magazine

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