San Juan Launches the First YPF LUZ Solar Park in Argentina

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Date: April 26

The province of San Juan inaugurated the first photovoltaic solar park of YPF LUZ, which has a total installed capacity of 300 MW and will supply 140,000 homes. The project, called Zonda I, was built in three stages of 100 MW each by the company 360Energy.

The construction of the first stage of the project began in February 2022 and was financed through the issuance of the first green bond of YPF Luz, with a total amount of 63.9 million dollars and a rate of 5%, with a maturity of 10 years. . The project will expand current renewable generation by 25% in San Juan and save 360,000 tons of carbon emissions per year, compared to a thermoelectric plant.

YPF also ratified its investment plan in renewable energy in Santa Cruz and advanced in an agreement to build a new wind farm. If the project is completed, Río Gallegos would be the first city to have 100% of its electricity consumption covered by renewable sources.

Source: Andina Energy

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