Progress Towards a Sustainable Future: Self-consumption and Renewable Energies in Spain

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Date: June 28

Self-consumption and renewable energy in Spain are experiencing unprecedented growth, driven by government policies and the commitment of citizens and companies to sustainability. In this context, self-consumption has become a key tool for the energy transition, allowing homes and companies to generate their own energy and reduce their dependence on fossil fuels.

In 2022, solar self-consumption in Spain grew by 108%, with more than 200,000 residential solar self-consumption installations throughout the country. This growth has been driven by a number of factors, including administrative simplification, equal treatment between regions and access to the distribution network.

Political proposals for self-consumption and energy communities in Spain have focused on promoting the ecological transition and managing energy demand. During the Self-Consumption and Energy Communities Summit organized by UNEF in June, representatives of various political parties discussed measures for the next government period.

Juan Diego Requena, representative of the Popular Party, proposed administrative, digital and fiscal measures to promote self-consumption, facilitate access to public resources and offer tax benefits for companies that opt for renewable energies. For his part, Germán Renau, from the Spanish Socialist Workers’ Party, highlighted the need to adjust the Royal Decree on Energy Communities and promote a just transition and universal access to self-consumption.

Ana María Cuartero, from VOX, emphasized the need to eliminate bureaucratic obstacles and treat everyone equally, while Héctor Tejero, from Más País, highlighted the proactive role of the public sector and the need to develop the Royal Decree on Energy Communities.

Self-consumption has also been promoted in public buildings, with the public sector playing an active role in promoting and informing about self-consumption. In addition, measures have been proposed to solve connection problems caused by distributors and establish a stricter regulatory framework with incentives and sanctions.

The growth of self-consumption and renewable energy in Spain is a clear indication of the transition towards a more sustainable future. However, much remains to be done. It is necessary to continue working on the simplification of administrative processes, the elimination of bureaucratic barriers and the promotion of equal treatment between the different regions. Only then can we make the most of the potential of renewable energy and self-consumption to achieve a fair and sustainable energy transition.

Source: Energía Estratégica

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