Goldbeck Solar: Advancing Renewable Energy With Photovoltaic Projects In Chile

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Date: July 12

Goldbeck Solar, the leading German group in renewable energy, has closed a HoldCo financing of 44 million euros (about 48.6 million dollars) with the French fund manager RGreen Invest. This financing will be allocated to the construction of four above ground projects in Canada and Chile, with a total capacity of 69 MWp and 24 MWp respectively.

The projects in Chile will be located in the Bío-Bío commune and have a capacity of 12 MWp each. The Chilean projects are expected to be supported by the Small Media for Distributed Generation (PMGD) program. This initiative is a significant step for Goldbeck Solar in its commitment to clean energy and sustainability.

On the other hand, the Canadian projects are located in Alberta and have a capacity of 61 MWp and 8 MWp. They are part of the joint venture between Goldbeck Solar and Pathfinder Clean Energy and will be merchant projects. The company announced in January the start of construction of its first 93 MW solar plant in Canada for French company Neoen.

Goldbeck Solar has demonstrated its commitment to renewable energy and sustainability over the years. The company has developed and deployed more than 2.5 GW of solar parks in 20 countries since 2001. In addition, Goldbeck Solar has a portfolio of plants with more than 500 MWp in operation or under construction.

In Colombia, Goldbeck Solar has also built photovoltaic projects for Germany’s Bayware. These projects demonstrate Goldbeck Solar’s ability to work in different markets and adapt to the specific needs of each region.

The financing obtained by Goldbeck Solar is an important step in its expansion and development of renewable energy projects. With the support of RGreen Invest, Goldbeck Solar will be able to continue its mission of providing clean and sustainable energy solutions around the world.

Source: Review Energy

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