Ecuador Designs Its Roadmap For The Production And Use Of Green Hydrogen

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Date: December 6

The Ministry of Energy and Mines of Ecuador, in coordination with the Inter-American Development Bank (IDB), presented the design of the roadmap for the production and use of green hydrogen in Ecuador, with the aim of advancing in the strengthening of the energy transition in the country. The goal is to turn it into a competitive and friendly energy vector for the environment; and, at the same time, comply with the commitments to reduce Greenhouse Gas emissions, and thus contribute to reducing global warming to less than 2°C.

The presentation ceremony that took place in Quito was attended by the Vice Minister of Electricity and Renewable Energy, Enith Carrión; the Chief of Operations of the Inter-American Development Bank, Adriana La Valley; the Regional Lead Specialist for Energy of the Inter-American Development Bank, José Ramón Gómez; representatives of the electricity sector, government entities, academia, as well as professional associations.

The initiative, which is developed with the support of the IDB, seeks to promote a more sustainable and sustainable energy and production model, through an energy matrix based on renewable and non-polluting sources. The main objective is to move towards the energy transition and combat climate change.

Ecuador thus joins other countries in the region such as Chile, Uruguay, Costa Rica and Colombia, who are also embarking on a conversion process towards green hydrogen. “This implementation is a fundamental opportunity to decarbonise sectors of the economy, such as industry and transport, in order to make them more sustainable and consequently reduce both the consumption of fossil fuels and the emissions of atmospheric pollutants, carbon dioxide and methane mainly”, indicated Carrión.

For her part, the Head of Operations of the Inter-American Development Bank in Ecuador, Adriana La Valley, highlighted the importance of establishing a national strategy for the production and use of green hydrogen in Ecuador, in order to guarantee a clean future without emissions. carbon.

Source: Review Energy

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