Colombian Alliance With Ecopetrol To Accelerate The Energy Transition With $33,000 Million

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Date February 22

Ecopetrol, the Ministry of Science and Technology (MinCiencias) and the Ministry of Mines and Energy (MinEnergía) signed an agreement that will promote science, technology and innovation (CTeI) actions to advance the energy transition, reduce the carbon footprint and conserve natural resources. To finance the different initiatives within the framework of this agreement, Ecopetrol will allocate resources for close to $33,000 million, while the ministries will be in charge of structuring the participation processes and the implementation of programs, projects or activities

Promotion of the network of innovation and technology centers

This agreement will be the starting point for Ecopetrol, together with its innovation centers located in Bogotá, Bucaramanga, Medellín, Cartagena and the department of Meta, to promote science, technology and innovation ecosystems from the territories where academia, the business sector and communities.

Likewise, the resources will be used in programs, projects or activities that stimulate research and the generation of new ideas on these five fronts:

  1. Strengthening of bioindustrial and biotechnological processes that favor the preservation and sustainable use of biodiversity, including biogas and post-extractive recovery processes in the areas of influence of hydrocarbons.
  2. Implementation of industrial revolution 5.0 systems at the service of the energy sector and water management in industrial processes.
  3. Implementation of technologies for the use of non-conventional sources of renewable energy and energy storage, including support for the implementation of energy communities.
  4. Design and development of industrial ecosystems that optimize the industrial water chain.
  5. Design and development of industrial ecosystems that optimize the industrial water chain.
    Decarbonization systems, based on the use of captured carbon and materials from the oil & gas industry that can be applied in the energy and agro-industrial sector.

“From Ecopetrol we support this initiative that provides resources to stimulate research and knowledge to promote the energy transition and move towards decarbonization and the preservation of ecosystems. This investment is a great opportunity to strengthen programs, initiatives and actions in the regions of the country that can be framed in our 2040 Strategy ‘Energy that transforms’, having technology as a great enabler of our goals in environmental, social and government matters. corporate,” said Felipe Bayón, president of the Ecopetrol Group.

For his part, the Minister of Science, Technology and Innovation, Arturo Luna, stressed that this agreement is transcendental for the country because it will allow all the experience of the signatory entities to be brought together for the benefit of Colombia’s energy transition.

​“The state articulation to advance in the country’s energy transition is remarkable, and above all with the participation of one of the most important companies in the country. With this initiative, the capacities built at the country level are also recognized, which leads us to seek the formation of regional innovation ecosystems that are capable of providing solutions to the productive and social demands in energy transition and decarbonization of our economy,” he added. Minister Moon.

Source: Infoenergética

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