Colombia Will Add 8 Solar Energy Projects That Will Start Operation In 2024

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Date: March 1

The German company Viridi announced that it has a total of 8 photovoltaic projects ready to be developed in the country, thanks to which it will be possible to supply electricity to nearly 500,000 people.

The projects, located in strategic areas close to Bogotá, the Caribbean and Magdalena Medio, already have the necessary licenses and permits for their construction, including environmental, economic or social reached with the communities of the areas of influence. In addition, the company has already carried out all the studies that guarantee the technical and financial feasibility of the initiatives.

According to Juan Poveda, director of Viridi for Latin America, “if the country seeks to accelerate its path towards a just energy transition, it is necessary that there are more solar or wind power generation projects ready to be executed based on a responsible, sustainable structure and confiable”.

The execution of these projects would involve an investment of more than 220 million dollars, thanks to which it would be possible to generate 1,000 direct jobs and 3,400 indirect jobs, most of them, in the areas of influence of the initiatives.

Source: Review Energy

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