Celeo Redes: Leading the Electrical Interconnection Between Peru and Ecuador

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Date: August 21

The electrical interconnection between countries is a key strategy to guarantee efficiency, quality and security in the energy supply. In this context, the company Celeo Redes S.L.U. has emerged as the winner of the tender for the electrical interconnection project between Peru and Ecuador, a milestone that will strengthen energy cooperation in the region.

The Agency for the Promotion of Private Investment (PROINVERSIÓN) of Peru recently announced that Celeo Redes S.L.U., a company with a presence in Brazil, Chile, Peru and Spain, has been awarded the project “500 kV Transmission Line Piura Nueva Substation – Frontera ”. This project aims to guarantee an efficient and quality electrical interconnection between Peru and Ecuador for the next 30 years.

Celeo Redes S.L.U. stood out in the tender by offering a total investment cost of US$107.6 million and an annual operation and maintenance cost of US$1.06 million. These figures represent significant savings for the State, exceeding 50% in investment and operating costs compared to initial estimates.

The project will be carried out under the self-financed PPP modality, which implies that Celeo Redes will be responsible for the design, financing, construction, operation and maintenance of the 500 kV transmission line in Peruvian territory. This line will connect the Piura Nueva Substation in Peru to the crossing point with the Ecuadorian border. In addition, an expansion of the aforementioned substation is contemplated.

One of the most relevant aspects of this project is its execution period. It is estimated that construction and commissioning will take 46 months, after which Celeo Redes will operate the line for 30 years. If everything goes according to plan, the interconnection could be operational in 2027, which will boost the capacity and security of the electricity supply between the two countries, especially in the event of natural events such as earthquakes and floods.

This project will not only strengthen the electrical infrastructure, but will also promote the exchange of energy at competitive prices between Peru and Ecuador. Given that the hydrology of both countries is complementary, it is possible to take advantage of the hydraulic generation surpluses in one of the countries to offer energy at lower prices in the other.

It is important to highlight that Ecuador also has plans to build its interconnection section in its territory, which will allow both sections to meet on the border and consolidate a robust and efficient electrical network.

The announcement of this award has been well received by experts and industry leaders. Alan Heinen, General Manager of Celeo Chile, expressed his commitment to the development of sustainable infrastructures and reliability in the electric transmission sector. For his part, José Salardi, executive director of PROINVERSIÓN, highlighted the importance of continuing to work on electricity transmission projects that promote the development and well-being of the region.

In conclusion, the electrical interconnection between Peru and Ecuador, led by Celeo Redes, is a significant step towards a more integrated and sustainable energy future in South America. This initiative will not only strengthen the electrical infrastructure, but will also open new opportunities for cooperation and development in the region.

Source: Energía Estratégica

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