Boosting Offshore Wind In Spain: 17 Companies Leading The Way

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Date: July 14

Offshore wind energy in Spain is booming, despite the challenges it presents. Currently, 17 companies have submitted offshore wind farm projects to the Ministry for the Ecological Transition and the Demographic Challenge (MITECO). Among these companies, Grupo Cobra stands out for being the one that has presented the most parks and the one that accumulates the most megawatts (MW), with 3,199.6 MW spread over 9 projects.

Ferrovial is in second place, with a total of 2,715 MW distributed in six parks. Iberblue Wind, with 2,542 MW, ranks third. Other important players in the sector are the alliance between Bluefloat and Sener, and Capital Energy, both with projects that exceed 2 GW.

Despite the great interest of the private sector in the construction of these projects, there are difficulties that could delay the deployment of offshore wind in Spain. Kiko Maza, CEO of WeMake Consultores and an expert in renewables, identifies three factors that hold back offshore wind power: the lack of a specific regulatory framework, floating technology still in the prototype phase, and competition from other regions that are easier to develop. Projects.

However, offshore wind is expected to play a key role in the future of renewable energy in this country. According to Maritina Kanellakopoulou, a senior analyst at Pexapark, this technology will be essential for large consumers, as it ensures large volumes in one go.

Despite the challenges, the offshore wind sector in Spain continues to advance, with the hope of meeting the objectives set for 2030. With the support of leading companies and the implementation of appropriate policies, offshore wind has the potential to become a a fundamental pillar of the energy transition in Spain.

Source: Strategic Energy

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