Argentina Could Have A 133 MW Solar Thermal Power Plant Project

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Date: December 15

In the Argentine province of Mendoza, a solar thermal project was presented that, if executed, would add 4 solar concentration towers to house 133 MW of capacity with this technology.

The project could supply the consumption of about 60 thousand homes in Mendoza. The world reference that draws the parallel with the province due to its characteristics, and was presented as an alternative to the production of electrical energy through the use of water resources.

More hours of sunshine than in regions with active projects

As explained by the journalist Zulema Usach for the MDZol medium, the proposal was in charge of the former mayor of San Carlos and current deputy Jorge Difonso (UP-FR), who sought support to publicize a possible plan that could involve the installation of a solar tower with greater capacity than the El Baqueano hydroelectric project.

“Mendoza has similar conditions to California in terms of hours of solar radiation, its geographical position and climate,” explained the expert in charge of the project, Roberto Cibeira. “Mendoza is located at 35 degrees north latitude, while Mendoza is located at 32 degrees south latitude. This means that the province, inclusively, is located on the world map in a position closer to the Equator and that it has almost the same number of hours of natural light, with 14 hours and 23 minutes on average, each day. Thus, for example, winter in California offers 9 hours and 14 minutes of solar exposure and Mendoza has 9 hours and 55 minutes”, says Cibeira.

4 towers

In the general project presented in the Provincial Legislature, the intention to build four solar towers appears. If carried out, the province would be located as the pioneer on the national map when it comes to installing this type of project. “Ivanpah has three towers. In principle, we have proposed installing an initial tower that would produce 133 MW of installed power. If compared to the current energy production project with the use of water known as El Baqueano, the arrival would be greater, since that plant is designed to produce 120 MW of power,” Cibeira indicated to the aforementioned media.

As he reports, “the approximate total cost to build this project is close to 640 million dollars.” The reality of it is still unknown, however, if carried out, South America would add another solar thermal project after Cerro Dominador and Likana Solar, which is under development, both in Chile.

Source: Infoenergética

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