AES Andes and the Largest Solar Storage System in Latin America: A Leap into the Energy Future

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Date: August 7

The future of energy is here and AES Andes is leading the way. The company has recently announced the commercial operation of Andes Solar IIb, a new plant with a capacity of 180 MW in solar panels and a storage system based on 112 MW battery banks, the largest in Latin America. .

Located 230 kilometers east of Antofagasta, in the heart of the Atacama Desert, Andes IIB is a testament to innovation and commitment to renewable energy. With the incorporation of 112 MW for 5 hours of energy based on lithium batteries, it becomes the largest storage system in Latin America. This technology makes it possible to store solar energy during the day and inject it into the system at night in the hours of greatest demand, an essential solution for the efficient use of solar energy.

In addition to having 170 MW of bifacial photovoltaic panels, Andes Solar IIb has included the development of a 10 MW pilot of the innovative Maverick technology from company 5B. This technology uses prefabricated modular structures that allow the installation of the panels using half the surface area and one third the time compared to conventional solar systems, which represents significant savings in terms of time and resources.

The CEO of AES Andes, Javier Dib, has expressed his pride in the project, stating that “at AES we do not imagine an energy future that is not 100% free of carbon emissions.” This project is a firm step in the company’s renewable transformation, which has already reached 50% of its installed capacity based on renewable technologies.

The Andes Solar IIb battery bank represents a great contribution and solution to alleviate congestion problems in transmission lines and the discharge of renewable energy. With projects of this type underway, AES Andes seeks to contribute to a greater efficiency of the system and the use of resources that allow reducing emissions in generation.

In summary, AES Andes’ Andes Solar IIb project is a milestone on the path to a cleaner and more efficient energy future. With its innovative technology and commitment to renewable energy, AES Andes is demonstrating that a 100% carbon-free future is possible.

Source: Revista Electroindustria

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